Welcome to eXecutive NewsLetter, the premier value for money PC-hosted  Mailing List Management ( M.L.M. ) program from eXecSoft Ltd.

M.L.M. software basically falls into three categories -
Subscription Services - the work of collecting subscriber data, designing and mailing the newsletter is done by a third party on a per-mail shot basis which can be expensive over the long term and offers little security to the customer.
Web Hosted Services - often, these are free however these mailings often contain unsolicited advertising from 3rd parties and the subscription list is open to abuse.
PC Hosted Software - gives the customer complete control over his mailing campaigns and offers the best security as the mailing lists are securely held on the customers own PC. Costs are usually limited to a one-off purchase fee.

eXecutive NewsLetter belongs to the latter category and despite having a host of advanced technical features such as multi threaded operation. integrated HTML editor, direct send and safe recovery the unlimited edition of eXecutive NewsLetter retails at only $99. A free personal edition, limited to one mailing list and 150 recipients is available for evaluation or personal use, whilst the standard edition for less demanding users is priced at only $49. Editions can be upgraded as required by the purchase of a software key. Despite the wealth of features, eXecutive NewsLetter's startup configuration wizard will have you up and running in a snap. Unlike some other mailers, eXecutive NewsLetter is a totally stand alone application - it does not require any additional components or programs Some other mailers use components from other applications i.e. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc. which may require additional outlay by the customer. To try the eXecutive NewsLetter free personal edition click here.

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP


  • Multi-threaded delivery of news letter e-mails, up to a maximum of 64 concurrent threads
  • Direct Send capability with advanced MX DNS Lookup sends e-mail directly to a recipient's e-mail address without the need for a SMTP server
  • Support for sending e-mails using ISP SMTP Servers and ESMTP server authentication if required.
  • Safe Recovery feature if your system crashes in the middle of a mailing job.
  • Supports re-send to every recipient in a mailing list that was not sent the e-mail the first time i.e. interrupted operation even after a system crash or stopped by you or error occurred.
  • Supports scheduling of mailing jobs to run at a specified Date and Time (runs MINIMIZED).
  • Provides a built-in easy-to-use fully-featured context-sensitive WYSIWYG rich text HTML editor for message composing.
  • Includes several newsletter templates
  • Supports HTML, Plain Text and Multipart e-mails
  • Supports embedded images (inline and offline) in HTML e-mails
  • Supports background images in HTML e-mails
  • Supports full personalization of HTML and Plain Text e-mails
  • Supports unlimited file attachments
  • Supports 17 international charsets/encodings and Unicode
  • Supports MIME encoding
  • Features multi-language spell checker
  • Easy-to-use configuration wizard makes initial setup a snap
  • Provides an easy-to-use import wizard to import mailing lists
  • Supports up to 100,000 customizable mailing lists, which are kept secure and confidential on your computer.
  • Supports unlimited number of recipients for each mailing list (computer memory limits apply)
  • Supports full featured mailing list management to view, find, add, update, exclude and delete any recipient in any mailing list
  • Supports backup and restore of all mailing lists
  • Supports multiple e-mail accounts
  • Supports automatic mailing list management, schedule automatic processing of incoming Subscribe (opt-in) and Unsubscribe (opt-out) requests and Undelivered/Bounced messages from your POP3 Mail Servers, at specified intervals or schedule for a specific time of day ie overnight and off-peak hours (runs MINIMIZED)
  • Supports automatic removal of recipients from mailing lists that have had messages Bounced, a specified number of times
  • Supports auto-acknowledgements and welcome messages when members subscribe, unsubscribe or change their e-mail address
  • Completely stand alone application - no 3rd party components or plug-ins required.
  • Comprehensive HELP, with a Getting Started section and detailed descriptions and screenshots of all features

  • Supports an E-Mail Diagnostic screen, which explains why a subscriber request e-mail (Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Change E-Mail Address) is not valid or an Undelivered/Bounced message is not valid
  • A backup of each version of the eXecutive NewsLetter program files will automatically be done on upgrading so that a user can for any reason roll back to a previous version if required.
  • Includes examples of how to generate subscribe and unsubscribe form web pages using Microsoft Front Page
Standard Edition Price: $45.00 USD More Info
Professional Edition Price: $99.00 USD More Info

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